About Micah McGrath Leather Works

I grew up in the Rust Belt and Appalachia and was taught the value of simplicity, craft, and labor from early childhood. I am currently based as a custom leather bag maker in New Orleans, Louisiana. Every finished piece of work that leaves my shop is cut by hand, sewn by hand, polished by hand... you get the idea. My unique designs emphasize stripped-down function, simplicity, and durability.

Lifetime Durability 

Every material and piece of hardware is chosen with function and durability as the priority, and are tested, worn, and abused in daily life. Every single stitch is done by hand with waxed nylon thread. I rarely buy a leather hide without first seeing and feeling it in person. I use the best hides I can find, and top-quality German and American made fasteners. My current choice of components is the culmination of searching for the best in hardware for myself and my clients. As a custom leather bag maker in Louisiana, I work hard to combine these materials into a durable and unique piece of art.