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I am a self-taught New Orleans designer and leatherworker making wallets, bags, and accessories by hand. Born out of frustration with disposable, cheaply-made products, I began making and designing my own accessories. prioritizing beauty, functionality, and durability over cheap decoration. 

Because I believe your accessories should last a lifetime, while being durable and beautiful. 

Leather and Hardware

Every hide and piece of hardware is chosen with function and durability as the priority, and is tested, worn, and abused in daily life. Every single stitch is done by hand. I use the best leather I can find, from family-run tanneries including Pergamena (Hudson Valley, NY), Conceria Il Ponte (Tuscanny, Italy), Horween (Chicago, IL), and Wickett and Craig (Curwensville, PA).

My current choice of components is the culmination of sourcing the best hardware available, primarily from Fidlock (Germany), BuckleGuy (MA), and A+ Products (NJ). As a custom leather wallet and hand-bag maker in New Orleans, Louisiana, I work hard to combine these materials into a durable and unique piece of art.

-Micah McGrath

Retail Space

Micah McGrath Leatherworks

Dutch Alley Artist Co-op

open 10 AM-6 PM, every day

912 N Peters St. 

French Quarter 

New Orleans


I see something I like, but can you make it in a different color or
type of leather? And can you put my name on it? 

Yes, absolutely. Any of my products can be customized and tweaked to exactly what you want. 

I have a leather wallet that I love, but it's falling apart. Can you make
me a new one just like it?

Most likely yes. My products are all hand-made with no machines, so my wallet might vary slightly from your original, but this is definitely something I've done  before.

Do you do leather furniture repairs and reconditions? 

Depends. I don't work on upholstered leathers, but if there's a leather part that needs replaced (like the backing of a chair for example), I'm happy to take a look and see what I can do.

What does the process look like to order something custom from you?

You contact me, we arrange a meeting for a selection of leathers/colors/design, I make the product, call you when it's ready, and meet up with you or ship it to you. Turn-around time is dependent on how big/complex the commission is, but something like a wallet is usually a matter of days. A bag will usually take more like a week or two.

I often meet clients with complex custom orders at my home shop so you can see what your  options are for hides, colors, hardware, etc. (I do not post this location publicly.)

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